FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

REU AICT Application

Q: What is the REU AICT program?
A: The REU AICT program provides undergraduates with a research experience in accessible information and communication technology.
Q: What are the benefits to me?
A: Experience in graduate-style research. A summer job in your career field. Knowledge. Fun. Yes, research can be fun.
Q: What exactly will I be doing in the REU at the Gallaudet University?
A: You will do extensive reading on an assigned research topic and you will additionally design and execute experiments. This process should culminate in quality written work.
Q: That's rather vague - how will I spend my time?
  1. Attend a short scheduling meeting, designed to help you make goals for the week. You will focus on attainable milestones (e.g. read these three papers twice each, and iteratively develop prototypes).
  2. Work during the week towards the above goals, meeting with a faculty advisor as necessary. You should make every effort to contact those knowledgeable about your research project for guidance when you get "stuck," so that you don't spend very long periods of time on the same problem. You don't have to work in a vacuum!
  3. Attend a meetings regularly each week, where you will report your progress. Further, each week one student from the REU will present their research project in a more formalized presentation to the entire group.
Q: What exactly will be required of me?
  1. Attend all meetings - it is important to know everyones' progress and to be able to help them with any obstacles they have encountered. At each meeting, be ready to speak a bit about your progress on your project
  2. Work with your academic mentor and meet their expectations.
  3. Write a report. Your report is a weekly compilation of your work, including: your literature search, topic background, your weekly progress in coding, evaluation and interpretation and your project timeline.
  4. Create a presentation. Your presentation should give a good overview of the research area and the direction of the research. You should not assume that the audience is particularly knowledgeable about the topic area. You will revise your presentation draft 2-3 times before your final presentation at the end of the REU.
  5. Write a paper. This is to be distinguished from the reports in that it should be a publishable entity. What does that mean? Your report must be formally written, be concise (around 6-8 pages), and will contain only information relating directly to the research. The end goal should be that the paper should make the research reproducible by a reasonably knowledgeable reader. You will revise your presentation draft 2-3 times before your final paper defense at the end of the REU.